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Driver's License Suspensions

Your Texas driver's  license can be suspended for many reasons, including too many points on driving record, failing to maintain insurance, or failing to take financial responsibility for an at-fault accident.  The most common suspension, however, is one resulting from alcohol-related offenses. 

If you are arrested for DWI and requested to provide a blood or breath specimen, and you refuse, you are subject to a suspension.  If you consent, but provide breath or blood with an alcohol concentration above .08, you are also subect to suspension, although a shorter one than if you had refused.  If you are then convicted of DWI, you are subject to another suspension, unless you are sentenced to probation and take the DWI Education class within 180 days.  

If you hire Susan Schoon to handle your DWI, she will make sure that DPS has to prove their case for suspension at a hearing, and if your license gets suspended (and you are eligible) she will assist you with obtaining a "hardship" or "occupational" driver's license.  These types of licenses allow you to drive to take care of essential duties, like driving to work, picking up kids, buying groceries, seeing your lawyer, etc.  

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